23.09.2018 – 19.10.2018, Admission free

 With my eyes 2.0, photographs by Anja Sieler
Photos (focus on industrial photography), acrylic paintings and acrylic compositions of the amateur photographer Anja Sieler, born in 1966, born in Bremen, who has been living in Hamburg for 28 years.
In the hectic age of constant accessibility, the conscious perception of what is around you is sinking.
In my rambles through Hamburg, which I lovingly call Safari, always in search of interesting motifs, I discover so many hidden treasure, whose beauty often opens up only at second glance. Everyday and extraordinary.
If I want to arouse my interest in photography (and acrylic painting) with my pictures, I would be very happy.
Exhibition opening: Sunday, 23.09.2018,15.30 clock, admission free.
Opening hours for the exhibitions: Monday – Thursday from 10 to 21:30, Friday from 16 to 21:30 and Sunday from 15 to 19 clock (time restrictions for individual rooms are possible).

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