Tuesday, 17.04.2018, 10:30 am, admission: children € 2.50 / € 2.00, educators € 3.00, adults € 4.00, from 4 years

“The mole, who wanted to know who hit him on the head.” – Join-in theater with Claudia Buchholz
The mole falls a heap on the head. In order to find out who it is from, he questions a pigeon, a horse, a rabbit, a goat, a cow and a pig in succession. All deny his question as to whether they have turned him on the head and prove it to him with the words (and actions): “I, no, why I do so”.
From Fliegen, the specialist in faeces, the mole finally learns who the culprit was and can take revenge on the same, the dog of the butcher named “Hans-Heinerich”.
Please register early, with great response several performances possible.


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