Saturday, 31.03.2018, admission 19.30pm, start 20.00pm, entrance 12, – € / 10, – €

“Orquesta Sanluistango”

The Sanluistango Orchestra was founded in 2008 in the Argentine city of Justo Daract and is currently on a European tour. His repertoire consists of classical tangos, milongas and valses by composers such as u.a. Anibal Troilo, Francisco Canaro, Astor Piazzolla and Héctor Varella.

Cast: Luciano Torres – Bandoneón and direction / Javier Torres Duval – vocals, José Torres Duval – guitar and vocals, Lina Gomez Carvajal – flute, Leonardo Bascopé Aparicio – bass guitar




Saturday, 14.04.2018, start: 20:30 clock / admission 20:00 clock, admission € 8, –
Jazzmeile presents: “Ten Cents A Dance”
The band “Ten-Cents-A-Dance” offers jazz classics, as they are known by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Peggy Lee, Diana Krall and many more, in their own interpretation.
The musicians around singer Claudia Hanssen entertain their listeners with varied arrangements and relaxed performance. With a repertoire of well-known classics and lesser-known standards, it goes on a musical journey back to the 40s and 50s of jazz. Matthias Wiarda (piano, keyboard, saxophone), Martin Lohmann (drums, percussion), Claudia Hanssen (vocals), Stephan Liebold (electric bass), Hartmut Diekmann (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, jazz guitar)
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Friday, 20.4.2018 Start: 20.00 clock, admission from 19.30 pm, admission € 5, – / € 3, –

The children and youth mandolin orchestra SOL has its own concert:

For more than 10 years, the Mandolin Orchestra has been under the direction of ALI SHIBLY and now, after many appearances on various occasions, they want to introduce their skills to a cultural concert with a group of refugee youths. Their repertoire is colorful and varied, ranging from classical Arabic music to Foklore from various countries to pop songs.

Saturday, 21.04.2018, 19: 30h, Admission: donation to the hat

“S’iz di velt groys enough …”

The six musicians of the group UnvorHörsehbar play Balkan, Roma and klezmer music and sing in Romani, Yiddish, Greek, Serbian or Hungarian.
The power of the original in this music and the joy of improvisation inspires – and what arises is unpredictable.
Regine Beinlich (clarinet, tarogato, flutes), Wittich Fischer (viola, ukulele), Petra Frühling (vocals, percussion), Nicolay Georgiev (drum, percussion), Birte Hanefeld (vocals, accordion, guitar), Brigitte Heinrich (violoncello)
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