Friday, 19.01.2018, 20:00 pm, Admission: 10 .- / 8.-

Pop music reading “Pirates of the Art” with A.Zhivago and Joan Nethe

Nowadays, pop music is making more worlds and sub-worlds than ever before. She legitimized herself to hate herself. It globally connects people who want a microscopically defined beat – and nothing else? We’ve been exploring the passage of time through texts, sounds and (T) spaces to discover what’s behind it … With both classic and more unusual musical instruments, the duo stages songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s, lets the megahits and long-forgotten music treasures of the past resound and translates these with great sensitivity into scenic images that take viewers from everyday life to memory and compassion. The production was realized with the friendly support of the Thalia Theater Hamburg.



Friday, 02.02.2018, admission: 20: 00pm, start: 20:30pm Admission: 4.-


Husch Husch – off to St.Georg, Mitslamen or in the audience play Feuilleton ..
The principle is mean, abominable and very, very entertaining. People give their innermost praise on a brightly lit stage and are loved, but also judged. The assessors are chosen at random, so there is little room for great art critics.
Because art review is fun and the expectations are allowed to stay at home, because anyway everything unexpected happens, because the evening brings the night and the night the stories – that is why the poets between Alster and Steindamm with stylish drinks give everything they need and need!
In addition to the latest texts by the best Slamer in Hamburg you can also hear tenderly improvised guitar sounds and as a win there is a pot full of gold. We look forward to seeing you!



Friday, 16.02.1018, beginning: 19:00 Admission: 5.- €

Thomas Kilian reads from his book ,,Gesellschaftsbild und Entfremdung”

The uneasiness of modernity is due to the fact that people in general start from a picture of society that no longer lives up to their circumstances. It threatens therefore failures and frustrations. The majority is relieved by a retreat to private. Emancipatory ideals of equality, democracy and solidarity are becoming obsolete with the usual hierarchical image of society. Does a more complex image of society offer an alternative to drift and surrogates as a mode of life?

Thomas Kilian (graduate sociologist), born in 1966 in the district of Fürth / Bavaria, studied from 1988 to 1994 in Hamburg. Today he lives as a freelance scientist, journalist and author in Berlin. After empirical work on youth research, GDR justice and urban research, he pursues the thesis that we all no longer understand the world in “social image and alienation”.

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