Saturday, 24.03.2018, 18:00, admission 17 € (including three-course meal, excluding drinks)

Literary Menu # 19

PARADISE LOST – checkpoint € uropa

Grenzgänge in texts and songs with the Literarische Menüett of the Geschichtswerkstatt St. Georg

The idea of ​​a united Europe as a community of values, characterized by democracy, peaceful understanding and humanity, a sense of community across languages ​​and countries – combined with the insight into the futility of patriotism, borders, customs barriers and frontier guards. What has become of it? The scene of two world wars, a NATO war in Yugoslavia, a stage for uninhibited nationalists in front of more and more closed borders – a fortress that is defended against the influx of fugitives south of the Mediterranean and excludes the countries of Eastern Europe – Star Wars. Together successful in Europe “(CDU poster) – the EU as a profit maximizing association of German capital, as a zone of freedom for the exchange of goods, which as an economic area in the course of globalization on its own periphery and elsewhere creates poverty. Europe – from Hammerfest to Ierapetra, from Vorkuta to the Azores – a continent whose borders kept changing like spaghetti on a plate. Border crossings with texts from Ketil Bjørnstad about Olga Grjasnowa to Stefan Zweig, peppered with songs.

Organizer: Geschichtswerkstatt St. Georg

Reservation required at Karla Fischer, Tel. (040) 28 00 78 55





Friday, 06.04.2018, start: 8 pm / admission: 7.30 pm, admission: € 4.-

Husch Husch – off to St.Georg, Mitslamen or in the audience play Feuilleton ..
The principle is mean, abominable and very, very entertaining. People give their innermost praise on a brightly lit stage and are loved but also judged. The assessors are chosen at random, so there is little room for great art critics.
Because evaluating art is fun and expectations can stay at home, because anyway everything unexpected happens, because the evening brings the night and the night the stories – that’s why the poets between Alster and Steindamm give with stylish drinks everything they need and need!
In addition to the latest lyrics of the best Slamer in Hamburg you can also hear tenderly improvised guitar sounds and as a win there is a golden microphone! We look forward to seeing you!


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