Theater/Video Project


“Itineraries – The nostalgia for life”
– with Katharina Röther

Improvisation, scene development, music.

For teenagers from 15 to 20 years.

for free

Every Friday, 5pm – 7pm

Registration:  040 – 28054862 





“Travel is the nostalgia for life.” (Kurt Tucholsky)
For more than 100 years, the travel routes of various people from various nations and continents have crossed each other in the main station. This special location of St. George as a station district has made it what it is today.

Travel – what does that mean in this day and age? And what does it mean for the different people? Traveling can be escape from everyday life or escape from terror. Traveling is longing and hope, change, strangeness, arrival. Traveling can be palm trees and sandy beaches, or fences and walls. You can go on a dream trip – or on a Mediterranean cruise. There you might meet the others, who risk their lives in small dinghies.

And where do we come from at all, our families, our ancestors? Which itineraries have you brought together? Which trips do we already have behind us? And how many journeys ended and end today in death and annihilation?

In the form of self-developed scenes and video clips, the students’ own experiences and  family stories are examined and presented. Literary texts, fairy-tale motifs (which are very often about traveling abroad), documentary material, interviews with contemporary witnesses and music from the different cultures that influenced the young people should also be included.
At the end, the completed scenes will be shown in two performances in the Kulturladen and the Schorsch.


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