The various styles of art and exhibitions with a documentary character are presented alternately. The topics are both societal and country-specific; There are paintings, drawings, caricatures, photographs and collages as techniques, but less objects and sculptures, because the premises are used too many. St Georger artists have an advantage, but there are also other criteria, such as balance between men and women, artists from different countries and innovative ones.

As there are still too few favorable exhibition space in Hamburg, we have numerous inquiries every year so that we can only implement a part. For us, the aspect of giving artists the opportunity to the public is primarily the criterion of sales.

Another important aspect is the presence of the artists at the vernissages so that they can explain their pictures and the viewers can question them. The art becomes “tangible” and a direct exchange is made possible. Even if we make a selection of exhibitions, the arrangements are only of a basic nature; Ultimately, the design framework lies with the artists, because it is not our aim to see only the ‘taste of art’ of the employees on the walls.

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